New Addition to our family

Weekend was busy with family activities and I haven’t had new post for few days. I have a few recipes ready to share but do not have time to do it yet so please be patient with me 🙂 We just adopted another dog yesterday and in transition to get him to be familiar with new home and new siblings; one dog and one cat.  He is special needed chihuahua that I got from the shelter I volunteer at. He is sweet and so far get along with my Husky Mix; Keo. However, he barked and chased  my Cat,Nova, who used to be king of the house. Now Nova won’t come out and play, which make me sad…we need to work on that 😦  So here he is..they named him Taco. I am not sure yet if we want to keep or change his name. Now I just need make everyone get along. Wish me luck and I will be posting new recipe soon!