Guacamole Dip

It has been a week since my last recipe posted. I have been busy with our new rescue chihuahua in getting him to settle in his new home. I finally had good sleep last night after sleepless for 3 nights tried to work out dynamic between cat and dog. Now I am ready to post some recipe!  Last weekend, I made mango salsa and guacamole dip for the family BBQ and it was a big hit. I have already share mango salsa recipe, which guarantee everyone will love. Now it is time for easy, healthy guacamole dip.



3 avocados
1 tomato, seeded and cut into small cube
1/4 cup chopped onion
2 tbsp lime juice (about 1 lime)
3 tablespoons cilantro, finely chopped
1/2 tsp cumin
3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp minced jalapeno pepper


  • Cut avocados in half. Remove seed. Scoop out avacado from the peel and mash it roughly with fork
  • Add chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and jalapeno
  • Season it with cumin, salt and lime juice. Mix it throughly

Salsa for 4th of July

I love chips and salsa but I am very particular about it. I don’t like salsa from the jar ( it doesn’t look appetizing to me) and I am concern about all the preservatives that they put in there. Though my version still use canned tomato, I choose one that has only ingredients I can pronounce.  Making Salsa myself, I am able to use other fresh ingredients like lime, cilantro, onion and jalapeno and be able to control the amount of salt I put in. ( no vinegar or other acid in my salsa)


I made this for forth of july celebration. The red color of salsa and the color of corn tortilla chip ( blue and yellow) make a perfect presentation for this special day.  You can also sprinkle vegan cheese ( such as Daiya Cheese) on top of tortilla and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. You will have melt cheesy tortilla to dip in refreshing salsa. Here is how I made my salsa.

salsa ingredients


1 canned tomatoes in juice
2 tomatoes, cored and chopped
1 clove of garlic
3/4 cup chopped onion
3/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 tbsp fresh lime juice ( about 1 lime)
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 chopped jalapeno pepper ( more if you like spicy)

salsa 2


  • Put all the ingredients in food processor or blender, blend it all together for a few minutes
  • Give it a taste and adjust salt, lime juice, pepper as you like
  • Enjoy it with tortilla chips or pita chips

Pretty easy, huh? it taste good and fresh too. Me and my husband already finish half of the batches right after I finished making it. It is good with beer too! 🙂 perfect for 4th of July celebration and any other BBQ or Party. Hope you like it.

Mango Salsa Fresca (Pico de gallo)

Mango Salsa Fresca (Pico de gallo) 

Pico de gallo and Salsa is one of the easiest yet most flavorful thing you could ever made. The only skill you need is chopping vegetables and mixing them all together. It is such a perfect combination of  ingredients that can develop a flavorful, refreshing dish. The different between Pico de gallo and Salsa is that Pico de gallo is made from fresh uncooked ingredients and usually presented in a chunky pieces. Salsa Recipe can be found here. What I am sharing today is one of my favorite Pico de gallo that people raving about when I served this at dinner party. Mango really helps bring the flavor to another level. Try this recipe or if you have your favorite recipe, try incorporate mango in and you will know what  I am talking about. 🙂

mango salsa


2 tomatoes, cored and dice
1 ripe mango, peel and dice
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 tbsp of lime juice ( about half a lime)
1/4 tsp of salt
1/2 cup of cilantro
1 tsp chopped jalapeno pepper (optional, if you like some kick)


  • In a bowl, combine diced tomato, diced mango, chopped onion, cilantro and jalapeno together
  • season with salt and lime juice. Stir to mix and let it stand in refrigerator for about 15 mins for ingredients to release juices and develop flavor
  • Give it a taste of the juice and adjust salt, lime and jalapeno (if you want spicier, but the flavor should be already well balance)
  • Serve with your favorite quesadilla, burrito, taco or tortilla chips

Hope you enjoy!